Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error Firebird for Solaris 64bits
Author Bjoern Reimer

Late, but: I'm getting the same error!
Solaris 8!
It doesn't occur in the 32 bit version.
It does occur when I change the temp place in isc_config, so it
doesn't depend on the file system.

Is there a solution? Is there another firebird Solaris build
somewhere, maybe an official one which is not 1.0.0.?

Or do I really have to try to build it myself.... (Brrrrr.....)?

c> Please Help

c> I/O error for file "/tmp/gds_????????"
c> -Error while trying to write to file
c> -invalid argument
c> -sort error

c> - Firebird (
c> snapshot-Solaris-Sparc.tar.gz)
c> - Solaris 5.9.

c> We already got right the isc_config " tmp_directory " with enough
c> space to execute the operation (12 Gb free).
c> The Mask 777 directory.

c> Correct as long as off_t is correctly defined,
c> this is why I included <sya/types.h>.

c> The error continue.

c> Thanks
c> Álax Filho
c> Brazil


Germany :-)

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