Subject Re: [firebird-support] making user managament
Hi Ibrahim

It is possible to extract current user rights etc.

There are several programs for doing this


Some of these have source you can look at.

Older version of interbase have no data encryption, so I image interbase 7 doesn't either, so your database is electronically in-secure. I actually encrypt just the valuable information in my database, leaving everything else in the clear.

It really depends on how secure and how far you want to go.

Really the security should be the physical server the database and engine runs on, i.e. behind a firewall, in a locked room, backups in a safe etc !.
I also use a secure encrypted socket to communicate with my remote server on the internet.



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From: Ibrahim Yurtsever
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Subject: [firebird-support] making user managament

Hello all

in these days i am working with Interbase7 and Delphi6. I am going to make
a project that should have the user authentication to enter the program.

I know that Interbase itself has user managament control. It is already
keeping user informations in its admin.ib database (isc4.gdb for old
versions of IB).

I just want to know that what is the best way to make the user managament
interface. I want to give some abilities to the admin user of the program
to add, delete user or edit the user rights through the program interface.

Since interbase has its own tables that keeps this informations, it seems
its not logical to make one extra table to keep user informations and rights.
am i right???

Actually it is easy to make managament of the rights by using GRANT or
REVOKE statements. But how can we show the already given rights in our
program? How can we add new user? We can add new user by inserting new
tuples tu the admin.ib (or isc4.gdb) but how can we specify the password?
what is the encription method of the interbase??

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