Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: IB terminated abnormally
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:05 PM 7/07/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Alan,
>Yes, but you can see too: "ibserver.exe: terminated abnormally" and
>the red IB icon flashes on the win the task bar.
>The IB server downs.
>I don't know exactly what (Client) means in those messages and I don't
>know where to find more information about it.

It means that a client application did something that caused the server to
crash. A common cause is a call to a bad UDF. A local client can crash
the server using events. If you are using IBX, it has known problems with
events, whether local or remote.

Users who crash out of their applications can also cause the server to
crash, as can client applications that don't handle server exceptions properly.

The catalog goes on and on...but look to your application.

I note from your log that these crashes are not very frequent (in NT
terms). In my experience, you need to reboot an NT server at least once a
day as a safety precaution.

Network clashes on NT can also break server/client sockets. If you are
using NetBEUI for database clients, consider changing to TCP/IP. If you
are using TCP/IP already, push NetBEUI to the bottom of the protocol stack
on both server and clients. If possible, remove NetBEUI from the server
altogether - don't let it participate in peer-to-peer negotiations at
all. It is noisy and error-prone and really unsuitable for database
traffic - and why MSSQL Server DBAs spend their weekends at work.