Subject Re: IB terminated abnormally
Author Javier Poot
Hi Alan,
Yes, but you can see too: "ibserver.exe: terminated abnormally" and
the red IB icon flashes on the win the task bar.
The IB server downs.
I don't know exactly what (Client) means in those messages and I don't
know where to find more information about it.


--- In, Alan McDonald <alan@m...> wrote:
> > ---- interbase log ----
> > HP_RECHUM (Client) Wed Jun 25 16:25:48 2003
> > C:\Borland\InterBase\bin\ibserver.exe: terminated abnormally
> > (-1073741819)
> >
> You have (CLIENT) there... if it were a server originated error it would
> have (SERVER) there. It sounds like something in you client is
causing the
> server to terminate.
> Alan