Subject IBOQuery and datasource mechanics
Author Alan McDonald
I have an IBOQuery which worked fine in IB but not FB as follows:

select tablea.field1, tablea.field2,
(select sum(table2.field1) from table2 where table2.field3=:PARAM1) as total
from tablea where tablea.field5=:PARAM2

Now this query was linked to a datasource and the param1 field was available
as well as the param2 field.

In IB6.02 this query works fine but in FB1.5RC3 it does not. The PARAM2 gets
linked but the PARAM1 does not. In fact I have more than one subselect in
this query (all of which use the param1) and even manually assigning
parambyname in this context does not take, even when I name the params
uniquely. It silently returns no records at all.

Don't know if this is IBO of FB.. ?

I know about the argument that the param1 and subselect (especially when
used in more than one subselect) is a different cursor but I would rather
not hear "This was a bug in IB which has been fixed in FB"
I rather like this feature and used to use it a lot. Now I must build these
queries as fixed SQL statements.