Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multiple databases
Author Daniel Rail

At July 4, 2003, 08:37, Tim Ledgerwood wrote:

> In some DBMSs that I have used, I am able to refer to a database outside of
> the current db.


> I am also able to access views, stored procedures, etc in the "external"
> (parameters etc), assuming such a stored procedure existed in the
> "external" database.

> Is it possible to do something similar in FB / IB?

Not at the present time. It has been discussed in good detail in the
Firebird-Architect Yahoo Group in the past few weeks. If you want more
explanation as to what that task at hand would be, you can get the
full details there. But, it probably will be in a later version of
FB(which version it might be was not discussed), unless someone wants
to pay a developer to get the task done.

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