Subject RE: [firebird-support] Internal Date Format
Author Alan McDonald
> The Julian Proleptic Calendar, in case you wondered, is the
> Julian Calendar
> extended backwards in time following the same rules as the Julian
> Calendar
> regarding leap years; i.e. every four years without any
> exceptions. In this
> calendar, there is no year zero so that 1 BC is the year prior to 1 AD.
> This has the unfortunate consequence that leap years prior to 1
> AD are not
> those divisible by four but those years which have a remainder of
> one when
> divided by four. Thus the year 4713 BC in this calendar was a leap year.
> The days of the week continue without exception in their cycle of seven
> days and if you work it out, 1 January 4713 BC was a Monday. This
> date was
> chosen by an Italian named Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609) as preceding all
> astronomical events known at that time so that all Julian Dates
> are positive.

You seem to have a handle on this - excuse my OT question... I know the
Julian Calendar works with days of the week and days per year etc but do you
know when (in what year) 0AD (birth of Christ) was declared as such. i.e.
when was it finally changed from "the year of emporer" to 999AD?