Subject Re: [firebird-support] Parallel transactions not supported.
Author Carlos Guzman Alvarez

> If I am using different transactions for different queries &
> commands, I am getting following error -
> "A transaction is currently active. Parallel transactions are not
> supported."

Parallel transactions are not supported in ADO .NET

> I can use the same transaction(myTxn) for all commands
> (cmd,cmd1,cmd2). But, it needs to close the previous ExecuteReader()
> command - which I can't afford, since it will not fullfill my
> requirement (while ...)
> All the queries are different.

This is how ADO .NET works too :)

> Can any one plz suggest me the way to execute different transactions
> parallely or to use the same transaction for different queries in the
> situation like above.

A way can be to use datasets for store the result of the querys, but i'm
not sure wath you are trying to do :)

If you want please send an explain to the .net data provider
developement list, you can suscribe here:

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez