Subject Re: Weird Errors While Adding/Updating Records
Author akashelkar
Thanks, Alexander :-)

And apologies to the rest of the members who might have had the
misfortune of reading through the long long file I pasted into my
earlier message (and because my internet connection was shaky, I
accidentally posted it twice :-( )


--- In, "Alexander V.Nevsky"
<ded@h...> wrote:
> --- In, "akashelkar"
> <akashelkar@y...> wrote:
> > The log file generated by the application shows the following
> errors:
> [log skiped]
> > Can you please tell me what these errors mean, and how they can
> > fixed?
> Anand, usually this error mean you use very old FB client library
> gds32.dll (build number less 609) or Borland IB one. Make sure you
> have proper version, or if you need Borland client on the same
> machine, you have modern FB gds32 version in the directory where
> application sits.
> Best regards, Alexander.