Subject Re: [firebird-support] Query optimization
Author Tim Ledgerwood
You're forgiven everything in advance ... :-)

All tables have a primary key.

The result set is used for printing reports for the end users.

There can be up to 3 or 4 POS_IDs and 13 different TRAN_TYPES

The indices are an attempt to speed up other queries and SPs

There are no other indices on the LOG table.


>Forgive all the snipping but first things first. :-))
>You say there are no indices on subsidiary tables. Are there any keys?
>What are you doing with a mega-grouped + ordered set in a FOR loop?
>How many possible POSTYPEs are there?
>How many possible POS_IDs?
>What is the purpose of all those indices you have in the Log table?
>Do you have any other indices on that table? (such as acc_num and sub_code?)

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