Subject Re: [firebird-support] POST_EVENT and it params
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Wednesday 02 July 2003 08:25, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:


> How do you register for such an event?

I use these other methods quite a bit. For instance..

In a 'call centre' system that can handle a number of 'call types', the
CALL_QUEUE table has an after insert trigger that does a..


..and then in the application, depending of which call types the user is
interested in, I register for relevent events e.g. "NEW CALL 27", so they
are only 'refreshing' their data when needed.

I also use these methods, where some processes take a longer
amount of time. For instance, when generating an invoice, as the invoice
number needs to be sequencal etc. it is generated in a 'serialized' method in
another server, which at busy times, could take several seconds. So what
happens is..

- Application registers for "NEW INVOICE NUMBER 12345" (where 12345 is the
customer ID)
- Application calls the CREATE_INVOICE procedure
- 'a server' creates invoice and invoice number, and inserts it into a table
that posts the above event
- Application gets "New Invoice" event, queries the database to get the new
number for display, and unregisters

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