Subject Re: [firebird-support] Weird Errors in Database Updates
Author Martijn Tonies

What an AWFULL long post - was this really the only way
you could make your point clear?

> *****************************
> 07-01-2003 | 10:57:43.734 -> Exception : DBX Error: Invalid
> Transaction Isolation Level

Well, seems something is wrong with your code - right?

> 07-01-2003 | 11:11:48.093 -> Ambiguous field name between table
> RDB$INDICES and table RDB$INDEX_SEGMENTS and table

The dbExpress driver is getting metadata info, I guess. Do you use
the InterBase dbExpress driver?

> The above is a log file generated by our application. The
> application monitors incoming and outgoing data from a computer in
> real time and updates a FireBird database based on the data it
> inspects.
> Can someone please throw some light as to why these errors are coming
> up, why they are being repeated (is there a chance that an earlier
> error is leading to further errors?)

Yes, I do think so.

Would you mind not posting these kind of post often - better snip
a part and say "this comes up for about 500 times" ... :-)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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