Subject RE: [firebird-support] Problem with external table
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I am trying to import data from various text files. The following
> statement to create the external table does not work
> CREATE TABLE Ext_Mse0p EXTERNAL 'E:\Projekte\SMP\Import\msep0' (
> selaus char(16),
> NEWLINE char(2));
> The text file has no extension.
> The result is:
> ISC ERROR CODE:335544344
> I/O error for file "E:\PROJEKTE\SMP\IMPORT\MSEP0"
> Error while trying to open file
> I copied the text file to other locations.. but it didn't help.
> I am working on Windows XP Professional with Firebird 1.5 RC3
> installed localy.
> Can anybody give me some advice what to try next?

Firebird 1.5 RC3 has included some security features. One of them
is restricted access of external files.

Have a look at the "ExternalFileAccess" parameter in the new
configuration file "firebird.conf".

For example, for your above scenario, the following should work:

ExternalFileAccess = Restrict E:\Projekte\SMP\Import

Make sure that the leading '#' is removed and restart the Firebird

Thomas Steinmaurer

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