Subject Re: [firebird-support] Max recursion for stored procedures
Author Martijn Tonies
> At 17:17 30.06.2003 +0600, Kubanych wrote:
> >It is not a good practice to use recursions in stored procedures.
> >Iterations are better. Remember Dejkstra and Wirth.
> >Algorithm should be clear.
> >Sometimes it requires more code but it will save time later while making
> >tests and tech support.
> Whether or not it is good practise may be disputable, but Martijn is the
> creator of Database Workbench and it should be left to the users of
> Database Workbench to decide whether they want to use recursive procedures
> or not. Firebird supports it and Database Workbench should also support

It does :-)

I was only curious about the level...

As for the usefulness of recursive stuff:
- sometimes, it's simply easier to do so.

Instead of saying: you shouldn't - I think you should say: sometimes, it's
useful, other times it isn't.

> and then Martijn wrote:
> >
> Thanks Martijn! I never knew about this address and about all these great
> recipes:

Lol! Nice pictures! A pitty I don't understand a thing of what the text
is saying...

With regards,

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