Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] Error in DB
Author Ann Harrison
Yang Jin wrote:

>I am agree with your guess in my heart.Our product's databases without forced writes often has been corrupted by power failure.
It's a great deal more likely on Windows which caches pages until the
cache fills or the file is closed, than on Linux which flushes pages to
disk whenever it has a moment.

>I think turn on the foreced writes is a good method to avoid the crash.Is it right?
It won't prevent a crash if the machine loses power. Uninterruptable
power supplies have a
lot of

>If the corrupt had existed,How to fix it?Which method is better and available?
If you can make the database read-only and the missing page is a TIP,
you can back it up
and restore it. As I suggested earlier, that may be difficult as nearly
all the utilities try to
start transactions. A repair kit - such as the one IBSurgeon has and the
one I have - make
the repair much simpler, but not free.

>Another question:How to use qli to transport data between two same database.It will failure when the table field is numeric or integer in windows2000.How to over it?It is important to me.
Qli was not updated to handle long integers, so there's no easy answer.