Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error in DB
Author Ann Harrison
Jaime Geovane Marcondes wrote:

>Guys, i have a database corrupted.
>It shows me the error:
>c:\temp\gfix -validate copia.gdb
>I/O error for file "C:\TEMP\COPIA.GDB"
> -Error while trying to read from file
> -Reached the end of the file.
Something to try is setting the database to be read-only and backing it up.

If you can't set it to read only, make a copy of it. Create a similar
database -
same page size, etc. set it to read-only, and copy the first page of
the new
empty database over the first page of the copy of your broket database.
For example, if your page size is 4096, copy the first 4096 bytes from the
new file overwriting the first 4096 bytes of the copy. That should let you
backup the database.

Alternately you could contact the IBSurgeon people - or me - we can both
fix it and they're less expensive than I am.