Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Solaris BUG
Author Helen Borrie
The SQL statement looks like output from Babelfish.

I can't work out what the rest means, but at least let's make a valid SQL

select TABLE_A. *, TABLE_B. * from TABLE_A
left outer join TABLE_B

You will use a lot more sort space (and time!) by sorting on a non-indexed
column, because the engine has to work on two complete sets.

Now - as for the i/o problems on Sparc using the 64-bit version - I've seen
some discussion over the past days on Firebird-devel about Sparc lacking
filesystem support for large files. Have you checked the bug-tracker? Go
there first and then, if you don't find something, go and ask on
Firebird-devel about it. If you do, make sure you report the text of the
I/O message.


At 01:00 PM 26/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>The FirebirdSS-latest-64IO-Solaris-Sparc, in a SQL example:
>select TABLE_A. *, TABLE_B. * from TABLE_A
>left outer join (TABLE_A.KEY = TABLE_B.KEY)
>making a SQL with ORDER for a field without index of the a mistake
>in the creation of the temporary file: " while error write
>_______ ".
>We already got right the isc_config " tmp_directory " with enough
>space to execute the operation (12 Gb free)