Subject Re: [firebird-support] Sloooow query
Author Milan Babuskov
Louis Louw wrote:
> Hi!
> songlist.ID is a primary key and I just make an index for
> categorylist.songID as well as songlist.date_played and date_artist_played
> This made the query execute in 2.4 seconds. A lot better...
> But still not near the 0.1sec I'm used to with MySQL :(

Are you sure it's "query execution time" ?

If you're doing connect + exec query, then it's probably the difference
between connection time. Firebird needs a sec or even more to establish
connection, while MySQL does it instantaneously.

What tool do you use to connect? PHP?

Perhaps you can put timestamping code right after connect so you can
measure the speed of the query itself precisely...

Milan Babuskov