Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: [ib-support] External file size limit
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> > > > I believe so, from IB6.0 forward (AFAIK) the 2gig limit
> > > > should be gone for both external tables, temporary files
> > > > (no more requirement for several TMP_DIRECTORY entries)
> > > > and database files.
> > >
> > > Unfortunately, you're wrong on **all** counts!
> > So, what is the IB 6.X files limit?
> IB 6.0 did NOT get rid of the 2GB limit for database and temporary/sort
> files, so the limit is 2GB.
> IB 6.5 did get rid of the 2GB limit for database files, there is no
> partical limit imposed by the IB engine (please note that there are OS
> and file system limits).

I always thought that the IB 6.0.x *engine* limitation for a
single database file is 4GB, and cuts down to 2GB for specific
plattforms filesystem/kernel combinations?

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Thomas Steinmaurer

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