Subject Re: confiable backup?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "Artur Anjos" <artur@a...>
> Hi Daniel,
> Maybe we should distinguish in two parts. :-)

Maybe in three :)

> Nickolay could bring more info to this, but the all ideia is
> to freeze the database file in time, and make backups of datapages
> of tables.

Don't we have this just now and is'nt it called "shadow"? But
remember - backup/restore is'nt only general hygienic procedure and
our insurance but important part of database recovery process after
corruption. And as far as I understand page-level backup can't perform
this function. For this I belive we should have gbak which works in
current mode but have options which allow

1. To selectively disable restore of constraints of any particular
type of both domain and table level in all database.
2. To selectively disable restore of constraints for particular
3. To selectively disable restore of constraints of any particular
type for particular table.
4. To suspend restore if record-level error is encountered and allow
us interactively
a) to correct columns of this record
b) to ignore (don't restore) this record
c) to stop restore if amount of such damaged records became too large
to continue (having in mind to start restore again with one of options

And in no circumstances we should'nt have default mode of restore
which ignore all errors or silently don't restore constraints which
produce errors (I was told this is default restore mode in IB7, but
had'nt opportunity to check it). Seems page-level backup is close to
this behaviour - it will silently copy logical errors and damaged

Best regards, Alexander.