Subject Re: [firebird-support] confiable backup?
Author Daniel Rail

At June 24, 2003, 05:43, Artur Anjos wrote:
> The way to do a safe backup is:

> - Gbak to create the backup;
> - GBak to restore it on a different place;

Take the following scenario:

1- You create a backup of your production database without knowing if
it is good or not.
2- Your production database gets corrupted sometime after, up to the
point that you can't use it.
3- You attempt to restore your backup, but your backup is not good and
doesn't want to restore.

End result: You have a corrupted database that is unusable and a
backup that can't be restored. So, what's next, pay IB Phoenix to see
if the corrupted database is fixable.

I think that a backup must be a sure thing. If there are problems
with the database when performing a backup, it should be indicated
at that moment. Not when performing the restore, once it's too late.
Not everybody will perform a backup, then immediately after do a
restore to a different place to see if the backup worked.

I know that some level of check is performed by the backup, but I
think that all checks should be performed by both the backup and

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