Subject Re: [ib-support] 1.5 works on Win 98, not XP
Author Don Gollahon
I just downloaded my Delphi 5 IBX app from work that runs on Firebird 1.0
and Windows 2000 and tried it on my home PC running XP Home and Firebird 1.5
beta 4 and it works fine.

""M Patterson, Multinail"" <mpatterson@...> wrote in
message news:<3E76BBFF.50900@...>...

Each time a new release of 1.5 comes out I eagerly download it over our
net. But after I install it doesn't work on my machine at work running XP,
it runs on my machine at home running Win 98. I'm testing it in a utility
written in Delphi 6, using IBX.

Any ideas?



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