Subject Re: [ib-support] how good is IBPhoenix ODBC Driver??
Author Paul Schmidt
On March 27, 2003 08:16 pm, dorst622@... wrote:
> just wondering anyone tested or running live with IBPhoenix ODBC Driver???
> and how is the performance??

Performance with ODBC is always going to be somewhat bad, because of the
compatability layer that is part of it. I have used several ODBC drivers,
IBPhoenix, Xtg and Gemini, and performance is very similar between them, in
normal user usage, that is without going into specifically running test
suites to test performance. Only problem I have seen with it is that the
t{}, d{} and ts{} functions are missing, some folks did a lot of work on it a
while back, and I haven't done anything with it since I got mad at WinME that
I quit using Windows, on my development machine.