Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird, Stored Procedures, and BLOB parameters
Author Jerome Bouvattier

> Jerome,
> I read with interest, these postings you quote...
> the example shown, which rightly will have unpredicatble results, declares
> the BLOB input parameters without the SUB_TYPE 1 SEGMENT SIZE 80
> subclause. (or SUB_TYPE 0 meaning binary).

Actually, I did declare the param w/o the SUB_TYPE and SEGMENT SIZE. So,
maybe you've just given me the solution. I'll try to check that on the setup
I experienced this "INVALID BLOB ID" error, but it's old now and I'm not
sure I can get my hand on it.

Still, I worry a bit because the thread I quoted isn't the only one where
the unpredictable nature of BLOB params in SPs is stressed...