Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird and the windows registry
Author German Terrazas
yes, I know. I will explain what I want to do.

1. I have a delphi application using firebird.

2. The applic should run at win9x, NT, w2k

3. NT and w2k use service concept and win9x use "task" concept.

4. When the applic starts, it needs to check for the firebird service/task
availabilty. Since win9x does not use service concept as NT or w2k does, I
am looking for the firebird task at both cases (you could find out the
firebird task performing CTR+ALT+DEL in your NT or w2k labeled

5. If the task does not exists, then the application starts ibserver.exe
and continue. Otherwise, the application just continue.

In order to perform 5, I am reading the regitry values. That is why I am
asking a way to search it.

I found the registry key, but it only contains the bin path not the
full .exe path.

Any idea to reach it ?


On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Daniel Rail wrote:

> Hi,
> At March 21, 2003, 13:05, German Terrazas wrote:
> > I need to start/stop firebird server service from an application. Has anyone
> > know where firebird exactly store its reference in the registry ?
> > I have found it at
> > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FirebirdSQL\Firebird\CurrentVersion
> > But it does not contain the .exe reference file. Therefore, I need to
> > append 'ibserver.exe' at the end. Is there any "registry shortcut" to the
> > .exe ?
> Not that I know of. Also, depending on how the service was installed
> (with the guardian enabled or not), you might want to shut-down
> ibguard.exe (to make sure it doesn't start ibserver.exe when you don't
> want it too).
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> Daniel Rail
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