Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird and the windows registry
Author Brian L. Juergensmeyer
Hi, German,

> It also works at win98 ? In that case, I need to start ibserver "task".

According to my help file, the service API's that this library use exist
only on NT based systems. After a quick browse through the MSDN web site, I
was able to find that Windows 98 does not have "services" the way that
NT/2K/XP think of them. From the help file for starting SQL Server 2000
automatically on system start (
_1_start_87zt.asp ).

"...Windows 98 does not have a component that corresponds to Window NT 4.0
and Windows 2000 services."

If you're trying to start Interbase automatically on 98, your best bet will
probably be just to start IBGuardian and let him worry about managing the
IBServer processes.