Subject Re: Error 10054
Author wackoj123
Hi Lester,

> You may doubt it, but don't rule it out. If it is a new
> configuration, then are the routers set up, how do you get
> from A to B, and as I said above - is it location specific.

This is happening on 4 of our systems I have tried so far. Since the
log on the server indicates that the server is going down (and gets
restarted by the guardian), I do not think this is network
related... But I am open to suggestions of course ;-)

We are not experiencing any other network related problems...

> Not using British Telecom was one of our solutions, THEY
> guaranteed network availability - but forgot to set up the
> routers! I had made a LOT of code changes before BT accepted
> that it was their problem, so I would suggest that you
> eliminate the obviously correct before going for the obscure <g>

OK - point taken. Of course a report stating that the network was OK
a couple of months ago, is no guarantee that it still is... ;-)