Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: join RDB$DATABASE
Author Artur Anjos
Oi Ronaldinho,

> Why I must use "from RDB$DATABASE", if the CURRENT_DATE isnt't a
> field of this table?
You don't. You just use some table that has only one row. You are doing a
select, so you must select from something. If you select from one table that
has more rows, you will have has many "current_dates" returned that the
number of rows of your table.

> How can I view a list of the context variables? I alredy has look for
> this in the documentation. This functions is in documentation? Where,
> in the documentation, or other place, can I found the integer for the
> week days?

Look further. They are there. :-) Seaarch on the pdf files for current_date,
current_time, current_user, or dayofweek. I never remember in wich manual
this is, but I'm sure they are there.

Um Abra├žo,