Subject Re: [ib-support] date of server
Author Woody (TMW)
> > How can I obtein the date of ther server in a select ?
> if you just want the date and nothing else... RDB$DATABASE is a system
> used here because it is guaranteed to contain 1 and only 1 record...
> You can of course use CURRENT_DATE in other SELECT expressions...
> Berenger Enselme

Although this is the solution most of us probably use, on the Borland side,
they are advising creating your own table with one record to do this with.
The reasoning is that the RDB$DATABASE table may not exist in future
versions or may be changed to hold more than one record. Relying on it in
it's current state may be detrimental to using newer versions of Interbase.
I don't know if there is any speculation about this on the Firebird side,

Woody (TMW)

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