Subject RE: [ib-support] Interbase CPU usage +
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:51 AM 19/03/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>The people who's server it is says that they cannot believe it is the space
>that is the problem I must first proof it. This is kinda hard
>because logic tells me they need space for the OS never mind the DB. But
>looking at the Temporary file configuration of Interbase the can
>shift this to a other location . Do you think it will help ??

Hmm. An 800 Mb database needs 1.5 * 800 Mb = 1.6 Gb of temp drive space,
just for sorts. This can be in separate drive spaces, *provided* it is
configured. By the sound of it, your DBs are just using the TMP directory
(the setup default).

This is *apart* from the free disk space that's needed for paging
out. Some differences between the two sites might be due to different
configurations for IB sort memory (page_size and Buffers) and/or different
configs of the OS's memory cache.

However whether this accounts for the differences in CPU usage is another
story. If they were my customer, I'd be inspecting their server to see
what else they run on that machine that is eating CPU - JRE, screensaver,
wallpaper, print server, Internet gateway, whatever. Also, one site might
be doing a lot of long queries (reporting, holding an inquiry screen open)
while the other manages its workload differently...

I had a customer that was running 24/7 Internet connection to a supplier's
on-line pharmaceutical database and JIT ordering system through an internal
modem on the database server, using the server's monitor as a
console. This application was very Javascript-intensive - the CPU-eater
turned out to be the JRE.