Subject Re: Max metadata changes allowed
Author Chris Bland
Many thanks for the quick response. We are intending on adding tables (all
of a similar structure) to a database - so this limit should not be a
problem as it is per object.


At 12:46 PM 18/03/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Just to add to Helen's comments. A metadata change is any kind of DDL, e.g.
>if you set an index to inactive before doing some batch inserts and then
>set it active afterwards, you've already done two metadata changes. But
>these 254 changes are to each database object within the database, so we're
>not talking about 254 changes in total to the database.

Actually, I think that setting indexes and triggers to active/inactive does
not update the counts in Firebird. Not sure about IB though.