Subject Re: [ib-support] Problem with query with ORDER BY DESC
Author Martijn Tonies

Indices in Firebird are one-way only. That is, ASC or DESC. Try
creating DESCending indices as well and see if that matters.

Also, Firebird 1.5 (in beta right now) has quite some optimizer
optimizations :)

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Martijn Tonies
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> Hi,
> I am with a problem that makes impracticable the continuity of our
project to use the Firebird as Database in the ERP developed for our
company, the situation is this:
> In one table that we are using for tests with 500,000 rows
approximately is necessary to return orderly ascending and descending from
determined combination of 3 columns, the tests are being independent of
components or access way, I use Firebird 1.0 Wi-v6.2.908 and I execute the
querys from IBConsole.
> Data for query:
> TT_SIG = Company =´DEJ´
> TT_PED = Order, Asked for =´0052652´
> TT_LOT = Lot = 749