Subject Re: error in backup restore
Author ronaldorezende
I'm using FirebirdSS-
All my text fields are VARCHAR AND CHAR with CHARACTER SET WIN1252

--- In, "Alexander V.Nevsky" <ded@h...>
> --- In, "ronaldorezende"
> <ronaldinho79@b...> wrote:
> > Error 335544321
> > Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
> > Cannot transliterate character between character sets
> >
> > I have a database in a linux server. I make a backup using the
> > ibconsole. When I try to restore I have this error.
> Ronaldo, is it Borland InterBase and not-English defaults in some
> char/varchar columns? In Firebird this bug is fixed long ago. Can't
> remember exactly, can Firebird's gbak solve problem or database
> be created first time from script on Firebird to be restored
> problems futher.
> Best regards, Alexander.