Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Database corruption after alter table
Author Ivan Prenosil
>From: "Alexander V.Nevsky"
> Thomas, all results are correct except fact that you see '0' at
> client representation when you must see 'null' if column defined as
> Not Null. I'm not sure but seems null-flag of Not Null column is
> wrongly cleared somewhere in chain engine-gds32. Internal queries and
> gbak among them are not affected. And IIRC it was dependent on column
> type too... Unfortunately I did'nt registered this bug myself, just
> commented someone else's registration which was wrongly formulated and
> can't quickly find it.

There is not any bug. If the column is defined as not-null,
then null-indicator is not cleared anywhere, it just is not used on client at all
(which makes sense to me).
If your client needs to indicate nulls in such logically corrupted database,
then just ask for it in XSQLDA (by setting the lowest bit in SQLTYPE).