Subject Re: sql - diference in join tables
Author ronaldorezende
Is there any difference in the performance?

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> Ronaldo,
> At 12:16 06.03.2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >Is there any diference in sql joins using where id1 = id2 or using
> >the left command ?
> it is up to you whether you prefer to use WHERE ID1 = ID2 or JOIN
> ON ID1 = ID2. The first is SQL-89, whereas the second is SQL-92.
> I would advice to use the JOIN syntax since it is easier to read
and e.g.
> eliminates the need for JoinLinks if you are using IBO.
> LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN and FULL JOIN, however, are outer joins that
> all records of at least one table regardless of whether they match
> record in the other table. These are joins that are not available
> SQL-89, hence there is no way you can perform these kinds of joins
> ID1 = ID2.
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