Subject Re: Database corruption after alter table
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Carsten Schäfer <ca_schaefer@g...>
> Alexander,
> i think it is all right, what you have written, but it's not
relevant for my case.
> (there was no data insertet in the database after my updates)

Carsten, it can't be relevant to new data. If you don't set value for
not null column variants:
1. Components can set something for you as Thomas said
2. You'll get exception on insert

But it is relevant to already existing records:
Some table contained colunm A INT only:
you added not null column B without default and _old_ records are now
1 null
2 null
3 null
until you don't fill them.

> I forget to define a default value.
> Why is there no error raised from the database, if this leads to
unrestorable backups ?

Because there is not another way to add new not null column without
default to table with data and sometimes it exactly what we need,
having in mind to fill it using some sophicticated algorithm. We must
care about filling ourselves.

Best regards, Alexander.