Subject Re: [ib-support] Creating Tables Problem
Author Pete Clark
In message <3E666B98.5060300@...>, Lester Caine
<lester@...> writes
>German Terrazas wrote:
>> 10,000 details by 1000 masters = 10,000,000 records in only one
>> table.
>So - Whats the problem?
>Add 10,000 per detail and there is still not a problem.
>One of my customers ADDS 4 to 5 hundred orders per day with
>an average of 10 line items per order. 2 million records per
>year, and now has three years worth. No problem with speed.

And we have a table with 17,000,000 records, and no speed problems there
either... now that I have set it up it correctly - with the aid of this

Pete Clark

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