Subject Re: [ib-support] Problems with FB on W2K, vs IB on NT
Author Aage Johansen
Fred W. wrote:
>Below is a semi-long, somewhat, rambling description of
>what we're seeing and what we believe is happening.
>I wrote the first part, followed by a second part
>written by one of the other developers.

[It seems your thread was hijacked!]

It would be interesting to see whether the same happens with IB/6 and
IB/7. As you know, the special GC thread was introduced after
IB/5.6. Maybe it should be possible to configure Fb to _not_ use the
I've also seen (the unsettling) CPU intensive activity when closing an app
(but only for a few minutes (I think) with a small (less than 1GB) database).

Aage J.