Subject Re: [ib-support] using FB API
Author Oscar Kuchuk
My point of view on this subject

1.- Most layers are delphi dependant
2.- There's a great extent of libraries and software writen in c
and c++ you can benefit from
3.- If you spent lot of time learning c++ (as in my case) you would
like to get benefits from this.
4.- I'v wrote some applications that need to run some complex processes
and calculations dificult to resolve with store procedures,
so i wrote some c++ code thats run on the same linux box running
firebird, cron is in charge of launching those small applications.
5.- Some times depending on not standard languages can be dificult.

5.- I'm choosing firebird not only because its a very good database engine
but for the availability of the API itself.

El Lun 03 Mar 2003 22:32, escribió:
> Hi,
> Can somebody explain me the real benefit of using C API to talk
> to
> FB over other components. Pls explain it seperately for client,
> server
> and network. I have to convince one of my client.
> Thank you.
> Ben.
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