Subject Re: [ib-support] Creating Tables Problem
Author Lucas Franzen
Hi German,

German Terrazas schrieb:
> Hi Lucas,
> Firebird do not allow:
> [1] execute 'select * from table' or execute :varstr where :varstr is a
> varchar containing a sql statement.

As Martijn already told you, FB 1.5 does support this.

> [2] dynamic table creation
> So, I think firebird is not a profesional sql engine for me to deploy
> with.

> I have a table A with records referencing to a table. The problem I
> have is that for any new record of A it is necesary to create a table Aj.

Even though I don't know really what you want to achieve I doubt this is
really necessary. But don't jump at me if I'm wrong ;-)

Why do you need to create a table for every new record?