Subject Re: [ib-support] Creating Tables Problem
Author Luiz
Hi, German

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From: "German Terrazas" <german@...>
> The problem is as follows:
> I have a table A with records referencing to a table. The problem I
> have is that for any new record of A it is necesary to create a table Aj.
> I can obtain the name of the new table by string concatenation and pass
> the name to a stored procedure. But, that stored procedure cannot perform
> a create table.
> My solution is to pass the createTable query string to a delphi
> DB component. I think it is better to reach a more deployment platform
> independent solution.
> Any other idea to do that ?

If the fields are commons to tables Aj, you could create a table with these
fields and a additional field to identify the record in Table A.