Subject Interbase connection problem. - MORE INFO
Author Johannes Pretorius
Good day

I have sat down and looked at the source of the Delphi program that works
with the database as the idea that the trigger on the database is giving a
problem does not
make sense and this is the result.

I have a Delphi server program and a Delphi client program that runs on the
same database. Client is Delphi 3 and Server is Delphi 5.
The client program starts a business trigger and the server then tries to
act on this trigger, but its connection that is setup in the BDE as
localhost:d:\db\promed.gdb is then dropped. in the sense that I get a 10054
error locally at the server. It seems this is happening at a other client also
but from the client machines also. Will the server program really have a
problem if there is a problem with the networkcard as locahost is the
loopback device that
is ???

Any help will be apreciated.

Interbase version : 5.6
Database sizes from : 250 - 830 MB

Other strange events :

When trying to get the connection user list of the interbase database I get
a connection lost to database. After that the server crashes and need to be

PS : Has anybody noticed that if the alias via BDE to the interbase
database is <servername>:d\db\promed.gdb (Notice there is no : after the
first d) and there is a network share for D. Then SOMETIMES on some
networks there is a problem that if this method of connection WORKS then
the datbase gets corrupt FAR bejond repair. I get the Idea that it uses
network cache or something and is out of sync with the machines OS cache.
Very odd. ??? Thanks

Thanks for any help in advance

Johannes Pretorius

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