Subject Re: generator of generators
Author duilio_fos <>

>no strong requirements for absence of holes and
>security, but users wanted different successions for departments
just for psychological comfort

that's exactly my problem

>I could'nt solve it without performance degradation

my idea is to create 100 generators - named


in the database.

When a new company is created, it will be identified by an increasing
number I (provided by a different generator).

The client application will know the company ID and use directly
GEN_I to identify records.

I will have to create more generators, say


when the number of registered companies goes dangerously close to
100, which is unlike.

> Seems new Execute Statement feature of FB1.5 is what you are

I will look into it

>But neverthelles it can't be
>used for Auditable Series of Numbers because of
>transaction-independent nature of generators - they can't be rolled
>back with transaction.

I repeated it so many times, I will repeat it once more: I never
thought to use a generator that way.

Thank you