Subject Re: [ib-support] SHOW TABLES; error code -104 token unknown SHOW
Author Milan Babuskov
jwhinyyc wrote:
> I'm trying to
> using either IBAccess/ExecSQL or IBOConsole/InteractiveSQL,
> in Firebird 1.0.2-Win32.
> IBAccess says SQL error code -104 token unknown SHOW
> IBOConsole says nothing and shows nothing.
> I also tried
> SHOW TABLE GUEST (GUEST is my tablename)
> with similar results.
> Also tried UC and lc, with and without the ';'.
> As a sanity check, I tried
> and that works as expected in both, shows table data.
> The Interbase docs shows that 'SHOW' is a keyword, but apparently
> has no other reference to it.
> Is there some magic I need to do to SHOW TABLES?

In fact, there is. SHOW TABLES is command of isql tool. It is not
standard SQL construct. If you want to get all tables from database you
should select from RDB$RELATIONS table. See details in IB docs.

Milan Babuskov