Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: generator of generators
Author Nando Dessena

d> Every time I post a message saying that option X is
d> not viable, somebody presses me to have a second thought and use it :)

that must be because you insist on selecting option Y instead, which is
incorrect and not feasible, and want the list to provide you a
solution for a problem that no one else would have encountered in the
first place. :-)

If you are using generators to provide OIDs for all the good reasons
OIDs are used commonly, then you should understand than an OID should
have *no* meaning at all. You don't display it to the user, you don't
use it to estimate record counts, you just use it to identify records,
and get the benefit of it - then a single generator for each table, or
just one for the entire database, is fine. Try to stack application
meanings on top of an OID as you seem to be wanting, and you'll run
into troubles.

In short: I'd use a generated OID and - if necessary, an additional
counter field to cound records for each company.

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