Subject RE: [ib-support] Metadata opinions appreciated
Author Cassandra Harley
>The first thing you should do after installing a server is change the SYDBA
Point noted.

I see this is a good thing, but I also see it as bad.
I mean, any application that is written to run on an firebird (IB I
presume), running on the network that I am sysadmin on, I will be
potentially able to access any of the data.
I can see the pros...I can write custom applications to work with
all-ready-in-place data.
The cons of course would be that I could corrupt the database, and get
access to data that the original programmer never intended that I see.

I would love to read a discourse on this subject, purely for interest.

>Nothing stops them copying the file - if they install another server and as
>SYSDBA log on - then they have access to your database - so protect it.
>There are also some quite tricky ways to "fool" the security database - you
>can read more about that at IBPhoenix
As above...but perhaps this can wait until I get my head around the rest of

>>>Are you developing in Delphi?
>>Sort of, I am developing in Borland CBuilder.
>OK, then you have a choice of components and you should become familiar
>these ASAP.
I am not going to ask in here (as this is not a Borland support group),
however I have posted a question (with no response as yet) to a Borland
group, re: components.
If I could ask you (out of this newsgroup) it would be appreciated.