Subject RE: [ib-support] Metadata opinions appreciated (warning large post)
Author Alan McDonald
Page Size: Use 4096 - lower values would hardly ever be used since I can
only imagine them being right for a very small database (few tables, few
fields, small fields) stick to the 4096 and above.
You are creating your database with the sysdba user... I would recommend
creating another user and creating it with that other user. BTW - I hope you
change the SYSDBA password too.
Are you developing in Delphi? if so the your boolean can be 0,1 Y,N T,F
doesn;t matter since you tell delphi what the values should be anyway.
If you want it to be a boolean in Access, you'll need 0,-1 I think (not 1).
My primary keys are domains with not null default 0 i.e. a special domain
called PKID keeps my metadata easier to read. so your table PKs don't need
You may find it annoying to develop with foreign key constraints in place.
Many people install them during a later testing cycle.
The C_ and D_ appear relatively redundant to me... if you want to have to
keep typing these two characters everytime you want to reference a field
name then your choice... you hardly ever need to grab a domain so D_ is
overkill. Don;t forget that you often need to prefix field names with
tablenames as in TABLE1.Field2
Depending on what components you are using to connect with your DB there may
be other comments. IBX, IBO, FIBPlus, etc etc.