Subject Re: InterBase with ASP and DSN
Author jwcane2000 <>
Thanks, Thomas,

Had forgotten the IP addressing feature. It works now.


--- In, "Thomas Steinmaurer" <ts@i...>
> Hi,
> > I am trying to access a FireBird database through ASP. The
> > is accessible through IBWB, but ASP gives an ODBC DSN driver
> > with message "Unavailable Database".
> >
> > DSN is configured with the EasySoft driver. I have two identical
> > setups, one on a Win2k Server and another on a Win2k Pro machine.
> > works fine on the latter. In an earlier installation with Win2k
> > Server, it also worked fine.
> >
> > Any ideas would be welcome. I have tried several other ODBC
> > The EasySoft driver is the only one that I found to work properly.
> You should follow three rules:
> 1) Run Firebird as service
> 2) Check the "Allow interaction with desktop" option (sorry, I
> have only a german version here, so the wording of this option
> might differ) for the Firebird service
> 3) Use a TCP/IP connection, even when it is a "local" one, e.g.
> localhost:c:\data\data.fdb
> If this doesn't help, then come back again with a more detailed
> description of your environment (operating system, Firebird version,
> install procedure of Firebird, connection path, ...)
> HTH,
> Thomas Steinmaurer
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