Subject RE: [ib-support] Firbird/IBConsole problems
Author Jack Cane
Please excuse possible duplication. I have trouble getting traffic to show
up on this list. Not sure why.

My setup has started showing a red X on the server and on the database.

I opened IBconsole to register a local server using the user name sysdba and
the usural default password. After closing and reopening IBConsole I find a
red X at the local server. If I log in, the red X disappears, but reappears
on next entry into IBconsole.

Likewise the database I register the database with my own user name and
password, and all looks good. If I then exit and re-enter, another red X

Just uninstalled Firebird v. and installed v. Same
result. This is a newly built Windows 2000 Server with SP2. Earlier, had
successful operation with SP3. Could that be the cause? Am keeping with SP2
for the time being, for other reasons. I do, however, need to install other
Windows updates. Will do that next.

Any other ideas appreciated.


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