Subject Re: [ib-support] FireBird Problems
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:39 PM 1/03/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>My setup has started showing a red X on the server and on the database.
>I opened IBconsole to register a local server using the user name sysdba and
>the usural default password. After closing and reopening IBConsole I find a
>red X at the local server. If I log in, the red X disappears, but reappears
>on next entry into IBconsole.
>Likewise the database I register the database with my own user name and
>password, and all looks good. If I then exit and re-enter, another red X
>Just uninstalled Firebird v. and installed v. Same
>result. This is a newly built Windows 2000 Server with SP2. Earlier, had
>successful operation with SP3. Could that be the cause? Am keeping with SP2
>for the time being, for other reasons. I do, however, need to install other
>Windows updates. Will do that next.
>Any other ideas appreciated.

"Registering a database" is an IBConsole-particular thing. Have you tried
connecting using ISQL or a more Firebird-compliant admin tool? ISQL and
other tools don't use IBConsole registry entries.

You don't provide much information about your connection string
(protocol?). An example of your actual connection string might help to
reveal something.

You might also have reinstalled IBConsole in such a way that it is using
the IB 6 version of the client (gds32.dll) instead of the Firebird
one. Two possibilities are (1) that it has the IB 6 gds32.dll in its own
exe directory or (2) that its installation program overwrote Firebird's
gds32.dll in your system directory.

Or maybe it's just a bug in the logic that paints the red X, and just a
sign that you need a more useful admin tool...